Doosan Infracore Holds “Doosan’s Got Talent 2019”

- Over 120 service technicians from 31 countries participate in construction equipment service capabilities contest
- Contest maximizes customer satisfaction by allowing participants to share experience and skills

2019. 8. 8

Doosan Infracore announced on July 19 that it had held the global final of “Doosan’s Got Talent 2019” on July 15-18, 2019.

The “Doosan’s Got Talent” competition was launched as a means of getting the service technicians of Doosan Infracore’s global construction equipment dealers to share their diverse experiences, technical skills and know-how with each other, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the company’s customer service and maximizing customer satisfaction. This year’s competition was only the second such contest since the inaugural event held in 2014.

Regional preliminaries were held from 2018 to 2019 with the participation of more than 120 service technicians working for dealers in 31 countries around the world including China and emerging countries. The final was held at the General Test Center of the Korea Construction Equipment Technology Institute (KOCETI) located in Gunsan, Korea with a total of 11 finalists from Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Brazil and China.

Following a written test on service expertise and equipment inspection and performance tests, they competed in a troubleshooting practice test in which they were required to identify and resolve actual problems with construction equipment.

The winner’s trophy was awarded to Fani Fauzi, a service technician with an Indonesian dealership. According to Fauzi, who achieved the highest score for expertize and the best performance in the problem-solving skills test: “The key to my victory was my commitment to finding a solution from the customer’s perspective,” adding, “I will strive to further improve my capabilities and contribute to boosting the satisfaction of users of Doosan equipment as the company’s service champion.”

A Doosan Infracore official said, “Besides being a technical skills competition, the “Doosan’s Got Talent” event provides the participants with a useful opportunity to share their know-how and improve their service capabilities.” He went on to say, “We will foster service professionals for each region of the world as a means of maximizing our customers’ satisfaction worldwide.

Incidentally, Doosan Infracore will hold the ‘Global Service Manager Workshop’ for its dealers in emerging economies for four days starting from August 22. Following the contest designed to bolster its dealers’ service capabilities, Doosan Infracore aims to enhance their overall service competitiveness by raising the level of their managerial competencies.