Doosan Infracore to Strengthen ‘Untact’ Sales Promotion in China

- ‘Live broadcast’ marketing is introduced through the leading Chinese SNS providers such as TikTok and Kwai.
- A variety of contents ranging from displaying machine parts to sharing machine inspection knowledge are provided.

2020. 3. 27
Doosan Infracore expands product marketing and customer support using live contents broadcast based on a SNS platform such as TikTok and Kwai

Using digital marketing techniques, Doosan Infracore strengthens untact* sales promotion in China.

The word *untact is a compound word formed by adding a negative prefix ‘un’ to the word ‘contact’. The compound word is used in connection with the marketing technique in which product information is provided and the sale of the product is accomplished in a non-face-to-face marketing environment.

“The shares of product marketing and customer support using live contents broadcast based on a SNS platform such as TikTok and Kwai is expanded in China”, Doosan Infracore announced on the 24th of March.

Beginning from the middle of last month, Doosan Infracore performed a machine maintenance training more than 20 times using live broadcasting based on the SNS platform. In a recent broadcast, the flow of product inquiries continued for about an hour with the miniature version of the machine and Doosan brand products sold out in 2 minutes. In a live broadcast introducing machine maintenance knowledge, the accumulated number of connected users viewing the program amassed to about 7,300.

Doosan Infracore started its digital marketing in 2016 to develop the Chinese market using Wechat, the largest mobile messaging service in China. Presently, the number of Doosan Infracore's WeChat followers has reached 140,000. More than 1,200 machines were sold through online marketing such as using WeChat, and the machine parts sold through WeChat, which began last year, had sales of 10 billion won.

Marketing techniques based on digital technology are in full swing in Korea and other major markets. Accessibility and mobility for information on machine parts have been greatly strengthened using the application ‘Mobile Parts Book,’ which launched last August. Recently, a new system was introduced enabling making inquiries cost and inventory of parts. Construction of a web site is underway to allow the opportunity for purchasing parts online utilizing this new system.

An inside source of Doosan Infracore was quoted as saying “Usually, it takes a long time for us to close the sale of construction machinery requiring a lot of time and efforts until the customer is convinced. Fortunately, customers begin to see digital contents with a favorable eye, though SNS marketing has limitations of its own. Accordingly, development of our own video platform is underway.”

Doosan Infracore plans to actively use SNS in launching new products and in carrying out sales promotions, and plan to develop it into a marketing tool that can provide diversified value to the customers.

Meanwhile, the Chinese excavator market, which was slow at the beginning of the year, began to show recovery in March, restoring the market that declined in January and February compared to that of the previous year.