Doosan participates in the U.S. construction trade show CONEXPO 2020, introducing smart machines and solutions

-Doosan Infracore and Doosan Bobcat plan to show a full-fledged lineup of the new compact articulated loader and the electronic engine, among others.
-Cutting-edge technology to be introduced by displaying the construction site integrated control solution ‘Concept-X’ and the smart phone remote-controlled ‘Max Control’ at the Exhibition

2020. 3. 23

Doosan expedites capturing the North American market by offering a full lineup of small to large construction machinery and advanced solutions

▲ Doosan Infracore and Doosan Bobcat participate in ConExpo 2020 to be held on March 10th in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, extensively introducing a new lineup of their products and advanced smart solutions.

Doosan Infracore and Doosan Bobcat participated in ConExpo 2020, the largest North American construction trade show, which was held from March 10th to the 14th at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

Being one of the three largest construction trade shows along with Germany’s Bauma and France’s Intermat, ConExpo is held every three years. ConExpo is expected to have more than 2,500 exhibitors and 130,000 visitors this year.

Doosan Infracore will display a prototype of an electric mini-excavator of 1.7-ton grade for the first time at the Exhibition. A total of 10 new machines will be displayed including a full lineup of its excavators ranging from a 3.5-ton grade mini-excavator to super-large excavators (i.e. DX800LC-5), wheel loaders (i.e. DL580-5), and articulated dump trucks (i.e. DA45-5).

▲ Engine BG of Doosan Infracore will display G2 engines and the hybrid powertrain at a separate exhibition booth.

A separate exhibit hall will also be prepared to exclusively display engines. In this exhibit hall, Doosan’s compact engine (G2) products that satisfy the latest exhaust gas regulation, Stage-V, will be displayed, emphasizing its all-purpose wide use in various industries, along with a total 7 new engine products ranging from electronic engine DX22 to engines for vehicles. An environment friendly 48V mild hybrid powertrain prototype will also be displayed, in response to the market demand for an environmentally friendly electric power system.

*Stage-V: Exhaust gas regulation that went into effect by EU last year to control the particulate matter from diesel engines

*Powertrain: Refers to the part of the machine responsible for power transmission, including the engine

▲ Doosan Infracore successfully provided a showcase of Concept-X the unmanned automation-based construction site integrated control solution at ConExpo 2020.

The unmanned automation solution, Concept-X, demonstrated last November for the first time to the world, will also be showcased. Concept-X is a construction site control solution in which unmanned operation of excavators and wheel loaders are performed based on the work plan established through the automatic analysis of the data obtained from the drone surveying the work site using 3D scanning. ICT-based remote monitoring solution DoosanCONNECT™ will also be introduced.

Doosan Bobcat will introduce a total of 30 small machines including a new compact tractor, a small articulated loader, an R-series compact loader with a new platform, and a mini-excavator, Portable Power.

▲ Visitors gathered looking at the compact articulated loader SAL (left) and the R2 series compact excavator (right).

The R-series compact loader, the full model change, is launched for the first time in 10 years following the M-series model that launched in 2009. Further, it is the latest model which is the fruit of Doosan Bobcat’s innovative technology and knowhow amassed from many years of research and experience. SAL is a specialty machine suitable for the landscaping industry and makes its first public appearance at the Exhibition. It has the ability to bend in all three directions, the middle, the right, and the left, maximizing work efficiency, especially in narrow work spaces. Doosan Bobcat will also introduce two types of compact electric loaders and a concept model of an electric excavator.

Doosan Bobcat’s 1-ton grade electric mini-excavator, E10e, the first of its kind in the industry, was successfully commercialized in Europe last year, and the electric-powered products will shortly be launched in the North American market as well. Max Control, the fruit of remote-control technology, will also make its first public appearance. Using an application installed on the smart phone, remote control is easily accomplished within the maximum radius of 450 meters by simply equipping the loader product with the Selectable Joystick Controls.

Doosan Infracore and Doosan Bobcat sponsored ConExpo’s registered booths and its official website jointly. The purpose is to expose the logos of Doosan and Bobcat at all times in major areas of the Las Vegas Airport, downtown, and in and around the exhibition halls in order to boost the brand recognition in the North American market. Various events for spectators in conjunction with Major League Baseball (MLB) will also be promoted.

An inside source of Doosan was quoted as saying “During the Exhibition, Doosan will provide a spectacle of innovative technologies, offering a new model of approaches to exhibition operation for the construction machinery market and will take this opportunity to put a strong foundation in place to compete side by side with North American and European leading companies, reinforcing our status as a global manufacturer.”