Doosan Infracore Participates in Middle East Energy Exhibition 2020

- Doosan Infracore unveils its large electronic engine and hybrid powertrain that excel in both performance and environment-friendliness
- The company announces its new product support policy that will double the warranty period to 5 years or 1,000 hours for emergency generator engines

2020. 3. 23

Doosan Infracore participated in ‘Middle East Energy (MEE) 2020’, which was held at the Dubai World Trade Center, the United Arab Emirates, from March 3rd to the 5th, 2020 (Local time). MEE is the largest trade exhibition on power in the world, which takes place every year at Dubai.

▲ Doosan Infracore showcased its latest electronic engine and hybrid powertrain at Middle East Energy (MEE) 2020, held in Dubai, UAE, from March 3rd to the 5th.

At the event, Doosan Infracore presented its lineup of seven engines, including the latest generator engine, DX22. The DX22, Doosan Infracore’s 22-liter class electronic engine, is a high-performance, environment-friendly engine with the best-in-class fuel efficiency. It offers a 20% increase in output compared to the existing mechanical engine in the same class.

The company also displayed the prototype of its hybrid powertrain at the exhibition. The hybrid powertrain employs a fossil fuel-powered internal combustion engine, coupled with an electric motor and battery. The electric motor (48-volts) turns on when a small amount of energy is needed, while the combustion engine (2.4 liters) is used to generate a larger amount of energy. The product features an increased output capacity, equivalent to a 3-liter engine, even without an after-treatment system, offering both financial and environmental benefits.

  • Powertrain refers to a system used to deliver power within machinery.

In addition, Doosan Infracore announced its new product support policy, which will more than double the warranty period for emergency generator engines, from the existing ‘1.5 years (18 months) from delivery or 500 operating hours’ to ‘5 years or 1,000 operating hours’. A Doosan Infracore’s official said, “We will deliver the world’s best innovative warranty service based on our strong confidence in product quality”.

▲ Doosan Infracore showcased its latest electronic engine and hybrid powertrains at Middle East Energy (MEE) 2020, held in Dubai, UAE, from March 3rd to the 5th.

The company also revealed its in-house developed gas generator engine, in an aim to expand its gas engine business in emerging markets, including the Middle East. Until now, Doosan Infracore has mostly been targeting the gas generator engine market in the United States by forming a joint venture with the American company, PSI (Power Solutions International).

Doosan Infracore’s Executive Vice President, Joonho Yoo, the head of Engine BG said, “This will be an opportunity to strengthen our position as an engine maker, capable of leading the market change with electronic and environment-friendly products,” adding, “We will strive for market expansion and customer satisfaction by continuously advancing our products and offering differentiated services.”