Doosan Infracore’s 80-ton Super-Large Smart Excavator Selected as the Industrial Technology of the Year

- Chosen as one of ‘Top 15 Industrial Technological Advances 2019’ announced by the National Academy of Engineering of Korea (NAEK)
- The DX800LC, Doosan Infracore’s flagship model equipped with cutting-edge technology, boosts performance and durability by 10% and 60% respectively

2019. 10. 25

Doosan Infracore has once again broken its construction equipment sales record in the European market, demonstrating a clear growth pattern on the continent.

On October 24, Doosan Infracore Europe announced that it had sold 548 units of construction equipment in September, its highest monthly sales figure ever. Furthermore, Doosan Infracore Europe sold a total of 3,254 units of construction figure up until September, its highest figure for any nine-month period.

Recently, Doosan Infracore Europe signed contracts with CEMEX and Beuloc for the delivery of 100 wheel loaders and 80 excavators, respectively. In addition, its market shares for its flagship construction equipment, its 14-ton excavators and wheel excavators, have risen to the very top or the second highest position in major European markets such as the United Kingdom, Benelux,* and Northern Europe.

*Benelux: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Growth has been most prominent in the French and Italian markets: On the basis of the running total recorded in 2019 up to the end of September, Doosan Infracore Europe achieved 41% and 40% year-on-year sales increases in France and Italy, respectively.

The main factor behind Doosan Infracore’s strong performance in the European market is its field-centered sales strategies. The headquarters of Doosan Infracore has extended the authority of the sales departments in charge of the European market and encouraged them to establish their own performance/profitability analysis system so that sales representatives can make decisions faster and more efficiently in the field.

The more active utilization of Social Networking Services (SNS) has also played a significant role. Staff members at Doosan Infracore Europe have worked tirelessly to communicate directly with their customers and find potential customers via SNS, which has actually led to the placement of orders for construction equipment – positive proof of the tangible impact of such digital efforts.

“Despite the difficult market conditions, we continue to set new sales records, surpassing the previous records set in 2007, thanks to the company’s fast strategy establishment and prompt decision-making,” said Gilles Bendaoud, who is in charge of sales at Doosan Infracore Europe. “We will further enhance direct communication with our dealers and customers, boost the marketing efforts for our new products optimized for the Stage V standards, and raise our position in the European market even higher.”