Doosan Infracore Announces a New Company Slogan ‘Powered by Innovation’, Showing its Strong Commitment for Innovation

- CEO Dong-youn Sohn: “We need to constantly innovate the way we think, the way we work, our products, and technologies.”
- “We will transform into an innovative company that identifies new opportunities with digital technology.”

2019. 6. 21
Doosan Infracore Announces a New Company Slogan ‘Powered by Innovation’, Showing its Strong Commitment for Innovation

“We have to constantly innovate the way we think, the way we work, our products, and technologies, in order to provide the most suitable solution for our customers.”

On June 20, CEO of Doosan Infracore Dong-youn Sohn commented while announcing the new company slogan ‘Powered by Innovation’, which expresses its strong commitment for innovation.

The new slogan reflects the company’s goal of generating new values with smart technologies through convergence with IT industry given the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It also embodies Doosan Infracore’s determination to create infinite business opportunities through constant innovation.

The CEO mentioned, “Only innovative solutions and products can ensure future growth. Based on this sense of urgency, along with our willingness to introduce innovation even if it is something small, we will create a solid work culture and boost our competitiveness. ‘Powered by innovation’, we will blossom as a leader of change and innovation with advanced digital technology.”

As the new slogan is the driving force of its vision, Doosan Infracore will actively seek opportunities to employ the slogan for communication internally and externally. It will be used to promote the corporate image: spearheading change with cutting-edge solutions and products. It will also be a tool for various brand communication activities on websites, advertisements, SNS, and exhibitions, etc.

Doosan Infracore has been constantly introducing innovation in two tracks. The way of working on one hand, and product and technologies on the other.

In April, Doosan Infracore formed a strategic partnership with an American big data unicorn Palantir, accelerating its Digital Transformation. Under this project, organization management is being innovated to maximize work efficiency, by integrating and connecting data across the company including R&D, manufacturing, sales, and services. Doosan Infracore’s goal is to implement Digital Transformation by creating a big data platform with Palantir’s world-class data analysis technology.

Doosan Infracore is also dedicating itself to securing technologies for future field operations as part of the ‘Concept-X Project’, including unmanned/automated construction equipment, automatic measurement, remote monitoring based on 5G telecommunications. At a construction equipment exhibition in China in November 2018, Doosan Infracore successfully demonstrated transborder super-long range remote control of construction equipment using 5G technology for the first time in the world. In April 2019, remotely controlling excavator between Germany and Korea was demonstrated, with the range of 8600km. It was ten times longer than that of China-Korea demonstration last year (880km).

In the North American market, Doosan Infracore’s own IoT solution ‘DoosanCONNECT™’ was recently recognized as ‘Innovative Solution of the Year’ by BuiltWorlds, an innovative technology community in infrastructure and construction. DoosanConnect™ is a solution that remotely monitors construction equipment such as excavators, wheel loaders, and articulated dump trucks. It is now used for more than 65,000 Doosan Infracore construction equipment, increasing management efficiency and user convenience.

Sohn also mentioned, “Under the slogan ‘Powered by Innovation’, we will build a work culture that allows everyone to actively communicate and cooperate, and take an integrated approach. The company will transform itself into an innovative organization that identifies new opportunities using digital technology.”